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Since we opened in 2016, we have been working for the same ideals. With the support that we get from our guests and the power that we get from nature, we are growing most of our ingredients, or else sourcing locally from selected farmers and producers. And now, we are proud to take this one step further, to establish our Kokten project.


With careful planning from soil preparation to choice and plantation of the plantlets, we are using traditional growing techniques, without any use of pesticides or herbicides. We believe that "Better" and sustainable farming is possible. The products we get from this project are used seasonally in our kitchen, or else are transformed into various products without the use of any additives or preservatives, by our own chefs, which are either used in our dishes or sold in our "Pantry".


It is, of course, important to eat fruits and vegetables in their respective season, but we would like to prolong this pleasure. We grow such delicious strawberries, so why not make a jam? We have such tasty tomatoes, why not make our own tomato paste? Or pickles, vinegar, or even kombucha.

We cannot produce everything, of course. For goods that we do not or cannot grow in our own farm, we buy from trusted local farmers and producers that pursue good agricultural practices, to grow their crops without additives, preservatives, chemical fertilizers; and follow the same sustainable philosophy. 


In addition to growing a lot of our ingredients ourselves, we are excited to turn these ingredients into various products that can be enjoyed throughout the year. So what can you find in our pantry?

* Many varieties of jams, and various types of fermented pickles

* Pomegranate molasses made by slowly boiling pomegranate juice made from pressing the fruit of our own trees, that we use also to dress the salads in our menu. We are sure that you will taste the difference of this delicious molasses when you eat our salads.

* We have collected our olives and made a delicious olive oil from them.

* We are preparing our own soaps from edible olive oil that comes from our trees.

* We have introduced the "magical elixir" kombucha into our kitchen. Kombucha is prepared by using SCOBY, that contains beneficial bacteria and fungi. It is a natural fermented beverage that can be enjoyed daily, and can be found in our store. 


Please do not forget to visit our Pantry when you visit Cesmekoy! 

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Do not forget to keep track of all upcoming events to take place on our website and social media accounts!

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