Since its opening, Çeşmeköy has hosted a lot of well known / local musicians and music groups with its pleasant atmosphere created by the combination of nature  and music in the outdoor activity area in the summer season.

Çeşmeköy, which has 2000 square meters of green space transformed into a big music platform,  has sufficient capacity and infrastructure for various festivals in the direction of preferences of its  guests. Çeşmeköy also provides optional rest facilities such as accommodation and camping.

​Among our other options, our solution partner works with '' Logic Sound systems '' and can provide audio-visual, visual scene, and the necessary technical equipment and support for all stage performances, as well as musical and other activities, depending on preference.

Çeşmeköy, which has 2000 square meters of open and 120 square meters of closed area, offers year- round rental options for music activities that you consider to be performed. You can evaluate yourself and your team for the options we offer in our facility.

Besides the usual hiring formats, we would like to hear your projects closely to evaluate different solutions / ideas / projects and partnership offerings.

In order to find out the dates that are appropriate for you(to avoid fullness and suitability issues) you can contact us through the available channels or you can visit Çeşmeköy during the summer season and explore the area with a pleasant tour of the route and meet our responsible consultants for detailed information.

Valuable names who took the stage in Çeşmeköy;


New Turkic

Bulent Ortacgil

Jehan Barbur


We Talk Face to Face

Birsen Tezer


Our solution partners


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