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Yemeği Yeme Arkadaşları




Çeşmeköy, which has the belief of “Taste the nature”, hosts warm gatherings and pleasant moments in the nature with the menu that it offers to its guests. We offer our services to any events/organizations inside the borders of Çeşmeköy with food that is prepared with the season’s most fresh products and we create difference in the diverse tastes that you know!


We host our guests in any time of the day in our restaurant, and we continue to offer a cozy home environment inside the nature with the 100 people capacity restaurant, with breakfasts inside nature with rich amount of oxygen, to the most joyful weekend dinings with the delicious snacks, to the dinners that we have chosen from the world cuisine from the beginning of our journey which started at 2016 and continues today,. Çeşmeköy also stands out with its rich wine options, different cocktails, and the best of native and foreign brands of drinks inside its menu.


We offer a modern interpretation of Turkey's regional dishes with our gourmet chef and our experienced kitchen team, and we offer a wide range of delicacies of the world cuisine to our guests. We continue to look for ways to improve the standards of taste in our restaurant and to offer our guests a better service with our updated menu.

Our principles on healthy and organic nutrition is “soil to the table”, which is our adopted philosophy here in Çeşmeköy Restaurant. Our preference is towards unprocessed food, and most of the crops we use in our kitchen are our own crops that grow in our soil. We hope you’ll enjoy our slow-food meals with our fresh ingredients, our fresh vegetable dishes, our newly added toasted and gourmet burgers, our varied breakfast alternatives and our dining experience.


Also, the chefs in our restaurant has a full knowledge of vegan and Ayur Veda menus, and can prepare you your own specialized diet.

While you are spending time in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the nature, Çeşmeköy brings an alternative experience to your meal hours, and continues to be live with the quality and cheerful music that is chosen according to the atmosphere and to be the meeting point of everyone.

For your planned activities and meetings, you can contact us by using our existing communication channels, in which you can get information about suitable dates and booking.

Çeşmeköy is always open for visit, and we are happy to welcome you in our holiday village!

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Call us; +0(90) 537 432 35 58

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